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Become a quick-thinking top secret agent with 4M Spy Science! This kit introduces kids the intriguing spy world practices of secret communications and recording evidence, all in the name of fun. A real spy training pack, this kit will teach kids to encode with concealed secret messages and communicate in many different top secret ways.

This super-sleuth kit includes:

  • Super Spy Journal - (recording suspects and clues is an absolute necessity)
  • X-ray Secret Notes - (red and white encoded paper- can only be read with Decoder)
  • White Invisible Message Writer Pen (messages revealed with Message Developer)
  • Black Message Developer - (to develop messages written by secret pen)
  • Secret Code Library - (5 different alphabetical & numerical code systems & how-to section so you can make up your own)
  • Morse Code Shutter Torch - (perfect when Morse Code is your best communication)
  • Cypher Wheel - (a little help deciphering secret messages)
  • Super Spy ID Card - (for use as needed in interrogations)

    Everything you need except a spy partner and a creative imagination!

    4M Spy Science by KidzLabs
  • Spy kit for secret communications, recording evidence, and fun interaction
  • Encourages imagination and critical thinking
  • Communicate many different top secret ways.
  • Learn to encode with conceal secret messages
  • Eight useful spy tools included; many top secret techniques revealed
  • Fun facts, too

    Scientific toys like this product encourage imagination and critical thinking in children. Recommended for ages 8 years and up.

    This kit pairs well with our FINGERPRINT KIT for even more detective fun!!