Miss Floral Bloom

Miss Floral Bloom

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Imaginations bloom with each embrace!

Dressed in a soft, pink dress with striped sleeves plus an adorable cap lined with a delightful floral pattern, this friendly soft-body baby doll instantly inspires little ones to hug, hold, and embark on an adventure.

Her wonderfully soft and lightweight body is easy for little ones to grasp and hold while her just-right size of 9.5 inches makes her perfect for traveling anywhere and everywhere you want to go.

Her vinyl face, delicately scented with vanilla, instantly strikes a chord within the heart while her sturdy material and stitching make it perfectly safe and easy for little ones to grab and carry her – whether it's by her hat, arms, legs, feet, or dress.

She even features a sewn-in label with space for writing your child's name – so if she gets lost, she can always be returned!

Introduce your little blossom to a beautiful new friendship with the Miss Floral Bloom doll.