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Hanayama Love Puzzle
Hanayama Love Puzzle
Hanayama Love Puzzle

Hanayama Love Puzzle

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Level 1
Ages 12+

The two pieces of gold and silver in this elegant level-1 Love cast puzzle , smoothly intertwine to form a beautiful heart. The process of solving and reassembling this puzzle is so captivating, you will want to carry it with you everywhere! Hanayama cast puzzles are some of the world's finest brain teasers. These high-quality, cast metal puzzles come in six challenging, Mensa-rated levels of difficulty. Hanayama puzzles are brought to you by BePuzzled and recommended for ages 12 and up. BePuzzled is a puzzle plus and brain teaser line focused on delivering collections of trendy and innovative brands. We focus on designing puzzles for hands-on activities that require a puzzler to think in unconventional ways. BePuzzled is the only brain teaser brand that offers proprietary collections with innovative designs and varying levels of difficulty to challenge the consumer and grow with each puzzler’s improved skill level.