Fossil Fish - Cretaceous

Fossil Fish - Cretaceous

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 The Brazilian state of Ceará is known for its fossil fish exports. The well preserved fish are from the lower Cretaceous period (Aptian and Albian), and are about 80 milion years old.

This fossil is believed to be of a variety known as Dastilbe. Many fossil Dastilbe fish appear to have a broken neck. This is a normal post-mortem symptom with these fish.

The Santana formation (coastal deposits) in the Araripe basin consists of alternating layers of sandstone, laminated limestones (with the fish fossils), shales and siltstone.


NOTE:  The item photographed is similar to the one you will receive.  All fossil ammonites in stock are approximately 2"x1" in size, and weigh about .6 ounces.  Place of Origin:  Ceara, Brazil