Winter Is Coming!

"In The End Only Two Kingdoms Remained"

Skeeter's Toybox is participating in a massive art installation, entitled "WINTER IS COMING", which will be fully unveiled on Saturday, February 9th for Putnam's Fire & Ice Festival.  Several local businesses and local artists have joined forces to create a pair of Kingdoms inspired by The Game Of Thrones.  Two Kingdoms will be available on Main Street:  "Castle Victoria" at Victoria Station Cafe, and "Castle Montgomery" in the Montgomery Ward atrium.  Both locations will be great places for warming up and taking extraordinary selfies!  Costumes are encouraged!! Dress as your favorite knight, princess, wizard, or GOT character.  Skeeter's Toybox will be debuting its collection of Great Pretenders dress-up items in conjunction with this event!  Other participating merchants will be playing along too!  Be sure to visit Victoria Station Cafe, Flying Carpet Studio, and other Montgomery Ward shops for more fun!

The Fire & Ice Festival is the country's largest single-block ice sculpture competition that will take place right on Main Street.  There will also be a series of pre-made sculptures on display, torches, and fire performers.  This will be Putnam's ninth annual installment of Fire & Ice.  With every business participating in some unique way, you won't want to miss this!

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